To make it easier for you to actively promote Trust Guard to your customers, this page has been set up especially for you with various marketing materials that you can use for this purpose. 

Trust Guard Cyber Security Framework

Use the Cyber Security Framework to show your customers that security is an ongoing process. A process in which the entire organisation is mobilised and a plan for security is made. Based on the risks, the desired level of security and the number of devices can be determined. Trust Guard fits in seamlessly with this, because you can let your customers choose how often which devices should be scanned.

Obviously, the next step is to take a close look at the identified vulnerabilities and to find and implement solutions for them, after which the cycle starts all over again. A continuous approach ensures that security is a permanent point of attention for your customers.

Your own reseller page

We have created your own reseller page. It is possible to modify this page, if you wish. To do so, please log on to The login details have already been emailed to you.

At the top right of your reseller page you will see the Free Trial button, which allows your customers to request a test account. They can then experience what Trust Guard can do for them. By clicking on this button, your clients are already registered in our system and because this is done via your own reseller page, it is immediately registered that this is your client. 

And that's handy, because then you can see the clients you have added in your dashboard and, with your clients' approval, the scan results too!

Trust Guard Security Scanned